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The 1st stage overcompensation diaphragm is ultra modern, but at the same time easy to manage, very reliable and durable. The thickness of the walls has been optimized to greatly reduce its total weight (380 g). A semi-flexible elastomer sheath protects the 1st stage from erosion, wear and tear. HP saddle in AISI316 stainless steel. In addition to being able to substitute it in case of deterioration during maintenance, the composition of the saddle, much harder than the traditional fixed brass saddles, prolongs its life as it is more resistant to the deformation caused by metal particles that can infiltrate from the tank. Polyurethane valve, very mechanically resistant, both to oils and to hyperoxic mixtures. The mechanisms hyper-compensation guarantees a light increase in the intermediate pressure as the pressure in the tank decreases. Therefore the regulator delivers the maximum level of performance in the final phases of the dive, which are undoubtedly the most critical. Advanced research on internal air circulation and an exclusive distribution chamber that channels the air volume directly to the LP ports has reduced the minimum pressure drop levels in labored breathing (0.5 bar), guaranteeing high performance in any situation. The standard isolation and anti-freeze SC (Sealed Chamber) kit completely isolates the diaphragm and the spring from contact with the water, making it ideal for use in extremely low temperatures and dirty waters. Highly effective flanged filter inserted without circlip. 2 HP and 4 LP ports. Provided in INT (yoke) and DIN 300 bar. The threading of the DIN version is in stainless steel instead of brass to guarantee better resistance against drops or bumps.


New ultra simplified monocoque second stage in ABS + elastomer + STAINLESS STEEL, quite small (6 cm in diameter), very light (153 g) and robust, designed and built to have a minimum number of components. It is a smart buy due to its combination of performance, reliability, price and cost of maintenance. It is perfect for uses requiring maximum reliability and as a travel regulator, given its lightness. In the Pro version, the body of the integrated 2nd stage incorporates particles to improve thermal conductivity and to prevent freezing in cold environments. CE Standardization for use in cold water (>4) EN250/2000. The specific calibration of the inhalation mechanism slightly changes the air delivery as compared to the Ellipse series; the feel and sensitivity of these models is exquisite, with an abundant flow without needing to exploit the Venturi effect. This feature adds a scant tendency to freeflow on the surface and when positioning the equipment in the water, ideal for schools and rentals, octopus and double regulator. Nevertheless, the performance results put it at the top of the highest range of regulators.Asymmetrical perforation in the front cap. The flow of the water starts to push the diaphragm counter-clockwise so that its retraction is perfectly flat and the cam progressively descends perpendicularly, independent of conditions (currents, brisk movements, facial position, etc.). Exhalation effort particularly reduced without having to reduce the thickness of the diaphragm. The design of the membrane retention system directs the 100% channeled flow towards the nozzles of the bow, taking advantage of a strong Venturi effect. Also, it works to direct the bubbles away from the divers field of vision. Embedded membrane to avoid water infiltration in case of brisk turns or jumps to enter the water. Practically integrated purge button, between 80-400% larger than that of any other regulator on the market to facilitate purging, especially for beginning divers. Cap system assembly by a 30?? bayonet turn, assuring a very safe and simple assembly-disassembly, even while cleaning out sand on the beach, without the need of tools. Reduced ageing due to usage thanks to the casing finish, achieved by applying a new technology in the mold that creates a variegated look on a micro-texture of rounded profiles.


Cressi Aquaride BCD


The Cressi Aquaride BCD is top quality buoyance control device that is durable and sturdy for the roughest of divers. It has 8 metal D-ring attachment points where you can connect any accessories to and know that they will be strong enough to hold. Being weight integrated means that you no longer have to use those old uncomfortable webbing weight belts that move around and bruise your hip bones, as now you can place all of your lead weights in tot he pockets and have them tucked away out of the way. To release the weights in an emergency all you need to do is simply tug on the handles of the weight pocket and they will release and fall from you allowing you to head to the surface with ease. There are 2 non dump able weight pockets that are located on the rear of the BCD that you can place a couple of pound in each pocket to even you out a little, however these are not dump able so you only want to put a couple in there keeping the majority at the front. Sitting behind the dump able weight pockets are larger zipper pockets that you can place any accessories in if you do not want to have them hanging off of your D-rings. The Cressi Aquaride BCD is fully adjustable with shoulder straps that you can change and the cummerbund that is also adjustable. It is light weight yet extremely durable and has 3 dump valves. Check out the Cressi Aquaride if you are in the market for a new BCD and want quality.


Product Description

The Cressi Leonardo Computer Console with SPG and Compass is an elegant expression of a simple and functional design. The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is a must have for divers entering the sport and those who just want to dive. A single button interface makes it effortless to program Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes. This Cressi Leonardo Console 3 unit combines the dive computer with an easy reading SPG and Compass in a neat and robust console.

Cressi Leonardo Nitrox Dive Computer

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer has a large edge-to-edge, high-definition lcd screen that gives large numerical displays in a computer that is still compact and travel-friendly. The Cressi Leonardo's easy-to-see battery life icon indicator and its distinct audible alarms deliver critical information as well as peace-of-mind during the dive.

The Cressi Leonardo features a new Cressi RGBM algorithm, created in conjunction with the expertise of Bruce Wienke and based on the Haldane model, integrated with RGBM factors. This algorithm allows for safe decompression calculations for multiple dives spread out over multiple days.

The Cressi Leonardo computer is a multi-functional instrument for sport diving. It will supply any wanted information on depth, dive times, decompression status, ascent rate and surface interval times between dives. Nitrogen absorption and release is continuously processed by its sophisticated software, taking into account the quantity of inert gases in the different mixtures which can be used. Such information is displayed on the instrument's large display, thanks to the PCD (priority compartment digit display) system, allowing an easy and direct dialogue" between the diver and the computer, ensuring a clear understanding of all the data needed at any given time and a perfect readability in any situation.

The Leonardo dive computer is provided with clock and calendar, a versatile dive memory (logbook), as well as a dive simulator. The mathematical model of Leonardo can make saturation and de-saturation computations of dives carried out both with Air and with Nitrox, whose parameters can all be set: from the maximum allowed PO2 value between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar (17.4 and 23.2 psi), to the mixture's oxygen percentage (FO2) between 21% and 50% of O2. Additionally, the instrument may be set by the user for either imperial (feet) or metric (metres) system. The Leonardo can also be fully re-set after each use, making it an excellent choice for rental departments.

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer has an operational depth from 0 to 120 metres (0 to 393 ft), is powered by a user replaceable CR2430 3-volt battery, and is equipped with a 60 dive (70 hour) logbook memory function. The clock function can be set in a 12/24 hour formats. The computer is also altitude adjustable up to 3700 metres (12,139 ft) and has a back light feature for low light conditions. The computer comes with a comprehensive owner's manual and is covered by a five (5) year limited warranty.

Cressi Submersible Pressure Gauge

The console is equipped with a Submersible Pressure Gauge. The gauge has a luminescent dial that has readout from 0 to 350 bar. The instruments face is divided into three different coloured zones: the area from 50 bar and below is highlighted in red with a solid bar and red stripes. If gauge is used on deeper dives, the red scale extends and fades to 100 bar. This provides for added reserve air indication required at greater depths. From 50 to approximately 200 bar is green and from 150 bar to end of scale is blue.

The front glass lens is made to act as a pressure relief valve. In the event of a sudden increase in pressure inside the instrument, the glass rises slightly, allowing the excess pressure to escape. The instrument is housed in a small, modern shaped console boot, made from polycarbonate and desmopan, (a thermoplastic polyurethane) two materials that guarantee protection from shocks, scratches and which, at the same time, is very light.

The Cressi Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) comes with a 7/16" high pressure hose.


Cressi Compass

The Cressi Compass also has a luminous dial for easy reading in low light conditions. The compass face is divided into 10 degree sections, has a side scan window for gun sight accuracy, lubber line, rotating bezel with double references and compass rose.

Cressi Console

The entire 3-gauge console is encapsulated in a durable impact resistant console boot with multiple attachment points for clips or lanyards. The pressure gauge and compass are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Cressi Leonardo Computer Console with SPG and Compass Features

  • Complete Instrument Console
  • Durable Impact Resistant Console Boot
  • Multiple Attachment Points for Clips or Lanyards
  • Computer: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Pressure Gauge and Compass: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Computer:
    • Cressi Leonardo Computer:
    • Elegant Expression of a Simple and Functional Design
    • For Divers Who "Just-Want-to-Dive"
    • Single Button Interface for Effortless Programming
    • Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge
    • Large Edge-to-Edge, High-Definition LCD Screen
    • Large Numerical Displays
    • Compact and Travel-Friendly
    • Easy-to-See Battery Life Icon Indicator
    • Distinct Audible Alarms
    • Algorithm: RGBM Algorithm, Bruce Wienke/Haldane Model
    • Safe Decompression Calculations for Multiple Dives Over Multiple Days
    • Multi-functional Instrument for Sport Diving
    • Depth, Dive Times, Decompression Status
    • Ascent Rate and Surface Interval Times
    • Nitrogen Absorption and Release is Continuously Processed
    • PCD (Priority Compartment Digit Display) System
    • Easy and Direct Dialogue" Between Diver and Computer
    • Perfect Readability in Any Situation
    • Clock, Calendar and Temperature
    • 12/24 Hour Formats
    • Versatile Dive Memory (logbook): 60 Dives or 70 Hours On-Board Log
    • Dive Simulator Function
    • PO2 Value between 17.4 and 23.2 psi (1.2 bar and 1.6 bar)
    • (FO2) between 21% and 50% of O2
    • Imperial (feet) or Metric (meters) System Selectable
    • Reset Function for Multiple Users
    • Operational Depth: 0' to 393' (0 to 120 meters)
    • User Replaceable CR2430 3-Volt Battery
    • Altitude Adjustable Up to 12,139' (3,700 meters)
    • Back Light Feature for Low Light Conditions
    • Comprehensive Owner's Manual
  • Pressure Gauge:
    • Pressure Readout: 0 to 5,000 psi
    • Unique Glass Lens Pressure Relief Valve
    • Luminescent 3 Zone Colour Coded Dial
    • Zone 1: 0 to 50 bar Red Reserve Air with Fade to 100 bar for Deep Dive Reserve
    • Zone 2: 50 barto 200 bar Green
    • Zone 3: 150 bar to 350 bar Blue
    • Polycarbonate and Desmopan Construction Boot
    • Impact, Shock and Scratch Resistant
    • Small, Modern Shaped Compact SPG
    • 7/16" High Pressure Hose
  • Compass:
    • Cressi Compass Module:
    • Luminous Face
    • Face Divided into 10?? Sections
    • Side Scan Window, for Gun Sight Accuracy
    • Rotating Bezel with Double References and Compass Rose
    • Lubber's Line
    • Accurate Navigation
    • Liquid Filled for Smooth Operation
  • Made in Italy


Brand Cressi
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.500m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.500m
Shipping Cubic 0.050000000m3

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