Fin Blades are the propulsion mechanism on your fin, the long but - typically fibreglass, carbon or polymers in the cheaper end of the spectrum.

To make use of our Fin Blades you'll need to purchase a foot pocket set.

  • Fibreglass Fin Blades: Mid-range material offers the immense flexion that fibreglass provides.  They'll help you perfect your fining technique without punishing bad technique.

  • Carbon Fibre Blades: the ultimate material in bi-fin blades thanks to it's unrivalled strength in compression. This ensures bi-directional whipping and afford much thinner layups - in turn creating a highly flexible fin that will work in a parabolic or double-parabolic manner, 

  • Polymer/Plastic Blades: cheap and cheerful! They're a great option for beginners and shore-divers as they're hardy and won't crack when you get pushed back into a boulder etc.

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