Cressi Mohawk Twin 14mm Rubbers Rail Gun

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Cressi Mohawk Twin 14mm Rubbers Rail Gun

The newly designed Cressi Mohawk Railgun has been created using modern technology that is specifically designed to suit the high demand for a more reliable and superior performance within the Australian spearfishing community. Cressi has always been renowned for its extensive range of high quality spearfishing equipment that is manufactured directly in Italy and now they have produced a speargun specifically for our Aussie waters and its definitely going to take your breath away.

Leading the charge is the new Cressi Mohawk speargun Mechanism which includes the ALL STEEL Cherokee Reverse Trigger Mechanism which is rated to 340kg and has been designed for maximum strength and durability. This reverse style mechanism puts the loading notches 7.5cm further back towards the rear of the speargun which increases the overall band stretch and gives you much more power and performance. For extra ruggedness the line release has also been finished in stainless steel to complete the package. The use of all steel components throughout the Cherokee mechanism brings with it a significant increase in reliability and strength when compared to other non metal style, traditional mechanisms. This makes it perfect for our Aussie conditions with bigger pelagic fishing opportunities.

The barrel has also been tweaked to suit Aussie conditions with a ridged and reinforced 28 mm rail barrel for significantly improved accuracy. The inner barrel is manufactured from strong wall super rigid Aerospace grade 6082TS Aluminium for near zero flex and greater accuracy. The outer barrel is finished in PVC with a full length rail system which provides an accurate shot with minimal noise on release. The muzzle features a highly unique Magnetic security system which secures and holds the shaft in place in the open muzzle and makes it significantly easier to secure the shaft down with the mono wrap when rigging the gun in preparation for your next shot. Another major benefit of the magnetic open muzzle system is that it allows for full and clear open sighting of your targets with no limitations on the spearos aiming ability. Cressi have spent a lot of time and effort in engineering and perfecting this magnetic open muzzle system and the results clearly speak for themselves when you use it, simplicity and accuracy combine to equal perfection.

The Cressi Mohawk Twin 14mm Rubbers speargun comes equipped with a 7mm triple coated double notch spring steel shaft with an 8cm single stainless steel flopper and a Tri-cut tip which has been designed for maximum penetration through bone and flesh. The muzzle is designed to accommodate bulk rubber styles making it an economical investment as you can easily make your own replacement rubbers and are not locked into more expensive screw-in style euro rubbers. The speargun comes rigged with 400 lbs. monofilament shooting line and a quick disconnect snap clip rubber gun bungee cored with high strength Dyneema and to complete the package there is a 4 inch stainless steel shark clip with swivel to safely secure the speargun to your float line.


Brand Cressi
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg

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